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belgravian_love's Journal

A community for Peter Tork/Monkees/Beatles fans!
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Welcome to Belgravia! Anybody is welcome to join. Ths community is centered around the country of Belgravia, founded on the 17th of November, 1967. Well, he actually only mentioned it once in one interview, but does it really matter? I didn't think so. Peter Tork is the king of Belgravia, and he is an awesome one. Since I came up with the customs/holidays, I am the princess of Belgravia. Princess Mikey. My cousin is the other princess, Princess Patti, because she helped with the holidays. If you would like to contribute a holiday or custom, just reques it. I'll run it by Patti and if it works out, it will be added to the official list. All request, ideas, etc., are always considered, no matter how ridiculous.

Rules -

If I didn't think I had to make one of these, I wouldn't. But,...

1. Play nice. Keep all arguments civil, and if you can't, please continue the argument elsewhere. Belgravia is a peaceful place.

2. Please, people. NO KING BASHING. Not that I think any of you would, but I really don't want to see that. We all have our rights to free speech here in Belgravia, but we love our king, right?

3. Have fun! You can post about whatever you want.

This is the Belgravian flag, designed by myself:

Belgravian Flag